Talon Dodge Talon Dodge

German Wirehaired Pointers

Badger Hill Talon Dodge is out of H-O Rising Sun Star Hunter X Badger Hill Lady Ace from Badger Hill Kennel in Chile, WI. Talon comes from great hunting lines and has excellent eyesight and a great nose. She loves to swim and loves to play. She has been raised in our home and loves people. She does very well with kids and adjusts well in new situations. Talon has a loving personality and is a great companion.

Bozeman Bryce is out of Prairie Fire's Sunset X Rock Rivers Roaming Rosie from Prairie Fire Wirehairs in South Beloit, IL. Bozeman comes from great hunting lines and has an unbelievable nose and excellent hearing. Nothing gets past this boy. He likes to swim and play with Talon, but for the most part enjoys sitting and snuggling with us. He has been raised in our home and loves people and kids. Bozeman is a very affectionate dog and enjoys being with his family most.

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January - Bozeman x Vada (Fancher Kennels)
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February - Talon x Levi

Levi's Pedigree

Photos of Levi

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Bozeman Bryce Bozeman Bryce